October 2016

We reach a point in our lives that we have to deal with loss. These losses make you confused and start questioning life. Why did they have to die? why now? why does this happen? what am I supposed to do now? how do I deal with this? 

My understanding of the word ‘transience’ is that everything living on earth has an expiration date and there is nothing we can do about it. Through my three iterations I want to reflect those losses and the feeling of watching something you have created or someone you love get destroyed and having no control over the situation. By the experimentations we did in studio I discovered soluweb to be the most relatable material towards my definition of transience. The works of  Andy Goldsworthy, Pia Interlandi, and Lara Torres inspired me to work with dissolvable materials and experience the performance of the unpredictable. The embroidery on soluweb symbolizes the life of the person that has passed away, and as the soluweb dissolves it will be representing how the soul disappears and the memories of that life stay with those who knew it, here on earth. The only thing that remains after someone dies and decays are their memories within the people who shared a life with them.

Project made during studies at Royal Melbourne Intitute of Tecnology School of Fashion and Textiles in Melbourne, Australia. 

Requiem for a Flower from isa medina on Vimeo.

Photographer/Video // Juan Jose Santos
Model // Regina Haces
Assistant // Laurent Gaona

Music // Gustavo Cerati




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︎ @isaguadalupe

︎︎︎Jan.13- Apr.29 2024 “Baja SIlvestre” Group Exhibition
Oceanside Museum of Art - OMA West Gallery at The Seabird Hotel

Opening Reception: January 31, 2024   6-8 pm
101 Mission Ave, Oceanside, CA 92054, United States

Ciudad de México:

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San Diego:
Mingei Museum

San Francisco:
The Perish Trust

Flor del Norte





My name is Isa Guadalupe Medina and I am a designer and artist based in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. My work focuses on the intricacy and detail that is reflected from nature and my roots. The different motifs I create are inspired by feelings that emerge from the rare beauty and constant change of nature. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Parsons The New School for Design, New York. Since then I have been focusing on creating hand-beaded and woven pieces that explore movement and transcendence of time in relation to the human body/experience.

Artist Statement

Through the years of creating and appreciating art, I realized that what I liked most about it was the process and time it took to create something. When I see a piece of art I wonder about the time, work and thought behind it. It is not just about making something beautiful or interesting but how it makes me feel and how much of my heart goes into it. I learned that loss is something that we all have to deal with at one point in our lives and we have to accept the inevitable. I began to explore with the unpredictable; dissolving materials, garments coming apart, transforming, playing around with the thought that nothing lasts forever, everything is transient. Change and transformation is what I want to explore more through my designs. The excitement and, yet, sadness of watching your creation come apart is what life is all about, constant change.

This is only the beginning of my exploration, the unpredictability of change.

- Isa Guadalupe Medina

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