Requiem for a Flower
October 2016

Photographer/Video // Juan Jose Santos C
Model // Regina Haces
Assistant // Laurent Gaona

We reach a point in our lives that we have to deal with loss. These losses make you confused and start questioning life. Why did they have to die? why now? why does this happen? what am I supposed to do now? how do I deal with this? 

My understanding of the word ‘transience’ is that everything living on earth has an expiration date and there is nothing we can do about it. Through my three iterations I want to reflect those losses and the feeling of watching something you have created or someone you love get destroyed and having no control over the situation. By the experimentations we did in studio I discovered soluweb to be the most relatable material towards my definition of transience. The works of  Andy Goldsworthy, Pia Interlandi, and Lara Torres inspired me to work with dissolvable materials and experience the performance of the unpredictable. The embroidery on soluweb symbolizes the life of the person that has passed away, and as the soluweb dissolves it will be representing how the soul disappears and the memories of that life stay with those who knew it, here on earth. The only thing that remains after someone dies and decays are their memories within the people who shared a life with them.

Requiem for a Flower from isa medina on Vimeo.