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(Blue Jaguar)

Stealthy it went, caressed by the arms of the fields,
the plants soothe his walk.

Suddenly he felt pain,
a pain that burned him inside.
Felt how it agressively took his heart, injustice.
Left without voice, without feeings, without a took away his life.

The flowers saw the massacre.
Without beaing able to shout nor run,
they closed their eyes and never opened them ever again,
they became blind to not witness any more injustices.

The jaguar came falling into my hands,
his melancholic eyes met mine, and his light faded away.

His humble body slowly deteriorated.
At the end, remains of nothing was the only thing left in my hands.


There comes a point in life that everything comes to an end; things break, situations become unjust, animals become extinct, people die, life goes away. Throughout the years I’ve comprehended that nothing lasts forever and that everything happens for a reason. People come and go, while others stay with you until the end, but each person and moment that has passed have formed part of who we are. During this project surged the need to create something that would involve a lot of time and labor to create that connection and attachment that hurts to let go; just like one attaches to people.

The image of the jaguar dissolving remains engraved in my mind, just like those souls that I have seen pass and have had to let go into another dimension. The blue jaguar represents that pain, the pain of impermanence, of the ephemeral of life; the souls that have died, the friendships and lovers that leave, the injustices that keep happening, the animals in danger of extinction, and all the losses of life.

Now that the jaguar is gone, surges a form of nostalgia when thinking of him, like when we think of our loved ones.

Video y Photography:

Model: Coco Delgado
Photography: Gabriela C Walther
Filmmaker: Sergio Valdez
Music: Kai Engel
Hausu Media
Assistant: Socrates M Medina

password:  jaguar

JAGUAR AZUL from isa medina on Vimeo. by Hausu Media

Process of hand beading video: