Fuera la Injusticia, Fuera las Paredes
May 2017

Photographer/ Nisha Phongpetra
Model/ Hannah Eliza
Makeup/ Grace Margaretha

The saying, "If not me, who? If not now, when?" remained engraved in my heart after hearing it. "Fuera la injusticia, fuera las paredes" (no more injustice, no more walls) is the message I want to express and share. If we see or experience injustices we should not remain silent. Taking off the walls that silence and block us from communicating about the wrongs in society because of fear or insecurities. We need to liberate those who live in unjust situations and create a better world for all together.

I focused on three main garments to reflect my feelings in a visual format. One represents the "wall" which is shown through a construction of a mask and a layered garment of different textiles. It represents the shell that dissembles our souls and the message hidden inside. When the wall gets destroyed it reveals the soul which shouts, "¡Fuera la injusticia, fuera las paredes!" which is what is beaded on the first dress in a hidden way. Now the soul is naked and revealed and is not willing to go back behind a wall, nothing will hold it back.

The other dress represents the awakening of the soul (”El Despertar”). Three beaded eyes in different stages of opening, waking up to fight for justice. 

These pieces were inspired by the psychedelic art movement in the 1960s and the groovy hidden texts within the illutrations.