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Photographers: Chuc Nguyen, Dominic Aliotti
Model: Kayley Z. Ryan

Tlazolteotl, the Aztec "Goddess of Filth", is the goddess of the human fertility and of sexuality. She was a goddess of filth (sin), vice, and sexual misdeeds, but was also a purification goddess, who forgave sins and cured diseases caused by misdeeds, particularly sexual misdeeds. She would eat up society’s filth and purify it. 

She is the mother of Centeotl, a maize god, which is shown in the textile as she gives birth to him. She was depicted with ochre colored symbols of divine excrement around her mouth and nose.

Lets all pray to Tlazolteotl to eat all the filth in this world, the injustices, and make it pure again.